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ZK teco Biometrics Access Control and Time Attendance in Kenya

ZK-teco Access Control ZKTeco Access Control product line includes IP-based standalone access control, networked access control panels, readers, tripod turnstiles and accessories, supplied with all necessary integration tools, SDK’s and technical support to provide our business partners with complete solutions. ZKTeco Access Control Systems meet an enormous range of needs, from those of small single sites […]

Securing Schools from the Parking Lot to the Classroom

Our nation’s schools should be safe havens where children can learn, grow and develop. Tragically, schools have been targeted in recent years by active shooters and others looking to do harm to the most innocent of victims – schoolchildren. The need for increased school security has never been more apparent. The first step in securing […]

Facial Recognition Improves Security and can be a Source of Revenue for Hospitals

Implementing a comprehensive and effective access control system in a hospital setting is a challenging proposition. Between bustling ERs, crowded patient floors, visitors coming and going, and medical and administrative staff working rotating shifts, keeping track of who enters and exits a hospital is an especially daunting task. In our last blog, we took a […]


SECUGEN FINGERPRINT READERS Secugen strives to provide customers with highest quality products and service through continuous Research and Development and ideal technical support. Secugen products are known for their extreme accuracy, durability and support for diverse range of platforms. Secugen products Include FBI-certified fingerprint sensors and OEM components, ready-to-use PC peripherals, NIST-compliant/MINEX-tested algorithms, biometric software, […]

Traffic barrier Spike Claws

Traffic barrier Spike Claw in Kenya CLAWS – ROADWAY SPIKES FOR HIGH-SECURITY ACCESS CONTROL Give your traffic barrier CLAWS – an effective deterrent for high-volume traffic control. Designed to provide a compelling reason for would-be criminals to reconsider their approach; CLAWS roadway spikes are constructed to take a beating but never miss a beat of their own. CLAWS roadway spikes are available in four […]


SMART HOTEL DOOR LOCK This is a network based system that facilitates and handles access management. It allow the user to manage and control user rights access. In addition, it features a one card solution to enable the user to use a single card to access hotel rooms and facilitates door entrance access. The whole […]

Suprema Products Kenya

Get Suprema Products at Brightsource Kenya Suprema is a leading global provider of biometrics and security solutions. The company’s products and solutions includes biometric(fingerprint, face) IP readers, access control systems, time & attendance terminals and embedded fingerprint modules. Brightsource Investments Kenya Narobi is one of leading security solution providers inKenya and around the region, and proud […]