Suprema’s BioMini Slim 2 Fingerprint Scanner

Along with its world’s slimmest (16mm), high definition optical sensor, the new BioMini Slim 2 features Suprema’s proprietary Multi-dynamic Range(MDR) technology, FBI PIV/FIPS 201/Mobile ID FAP20 compliance and Android device support.  

The all new BioMini Slim 2 has been engineered from Suprema’s 2nd generation optical structure and device platform. BioMini Slim 2 provides developers more physical flexibility with its reduced form factor and the ultra-slim optical sensor ensures robust operation over time along with its IP65-rated waterproof structure. Continued from its predecessors, BioMini Slim 2 also features Suprema’s advanced anti-spoofing LFD (Live Finger Detection) and MDR technology that enables to capture high quality fingerprints even under direct sunlight up to 100,000 LUX.

 “The new BioMini Slim 2 is at the spearhead of our 2nd generation BioMini line-up. In developing BioMini Slim 2, we have re-engineered whole existing optical structure and platform to improve size-reduction, image quality and connectivity. The new scanner now provides all those improvements plus nitty-gritty from Suprema’s core advantages such as MDR and LFD technologies. In addition, with its newly improved assembly and structural engineering, BioMini Slim 2 now offers best-in-class cost advantage and durability in operation,” said Bogun Park, Head of ID Solutions Business at Suprema. “The new BioMini Slim 2 clearly shows our commitment on mobile-oriented identification and we will expand our 2nd generation BioMini scanner line-up with more focus on this fast growing mobile identification market,” Park added.

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