Why VoIP Systems are Good for Startup Businesses

Why VoIP Systems are Good for Startup Businesses

VoIP has made a significant impact in the way corporations in Kenya have approached mass communication. VoIP impressively bridges the gap between conventional telephone systems and modern advances loaded with a string of features. For larger companies, providers such as Almiria have been able to usher several companies into the modern age and make communication more effective and easy. But what about startups? Do they have the same needs that would warrant the use of a VoIP telephone system? Below we explore the reasons why VoIP is just the thing that startups need and how they can benefit from it.

1. Startups Can Afford It

Most startups cannot afford to hit the ground running with the weight of overhead on their shoulders. Complex phone systems with a ton of additional features can seem to be too costly for both the initial investment and the maintenance. Not so with VoIP. It piggy-backs any connection your startup is already utilizing without adding more expensive lines or equipment or phone plan. You get all the upgraded VoIP features but without the installation, crew showing up at your door. How does this work, though? Simple: the internet. All VoIP communication is made over the internet, allowing the user to make calls anywhere around the globe without incurring additional fees. You opened up your possibilities without complicating your current system. You can scale VoIP for your small business.

2. Additional Features

We can add features to your current communication configuration that will leverage your business and give your clients the appearance that you’re running a major operation. Many of the standard features include:

●        Find Me

●        Follow Me

●        Call Forwarding

●        Advanced Voicemail

●        Advanced Conferencing

●        Auto Attendant

With all these features at your fingertips, you can provide unlimited access to your business for your customers and business partners. Central Telephone can customize your VoIP experience to make doing business easier than ever.

3. Cloud-Based Phone Systems

We can also help you set up cloud-based hosting for your entire communication system no matter how small or large. As opposed to traditional phone systems which require large-scale installation, hosting your VoIP services in the cloud saves on initial upfront costs as well as ongoing maintenance and support. With cloud-based technology, your options are endless, and your network can grow seamlessly as your business grows.

Central Telephone Offers Complete VoIP Phone Systems

If you are ready to take your business communication to the next level, then contact Almiriatechstore Telephone today. We offer a wide range of VoIP and cloud-based phone systems for startups and corporations in Kenya. To schedule an initial consultation, contact us at  Old Mutual Building, Kimathi Street, Nairobi, Kenya Phone: +254700449778 | +254733491423 Email: sales@almiria.co.ke

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