Ultimate Guide to Consoles, Games and Gaming PCs

Ultimate Guide to Consoles, Games and Gaming PCs

Gaming is becoming increasingly popular in Kenya today. Whether Xbox, PlayStation or gaming PC or with handheld consoles, games capacitates you to immerse yourself in Virtual, fun world. You can play as a hero on the battlefront, win world cup or find your way out of adventurous labyrinths. Accessories and hardware complement the consoles that have been tailored to suit the needs of the gamers. Whether you sit down at your gaming PC, play with friends with your PS4 or Xbox one or pass time with a game on your smartphone, it settles down to your taste. This A2Z Africa Gaming guide will tell you everything that you need to know about gaming.

Choosing the best Console

One of the major question for games is which console should one use? Everyone has the favorite console where rivalry lies between PlayStation and Xbox fans despite the similarities of the Xbox and PS4 hardware. Here you will find detailed description of the four major gaming systems. This allows you to get enhanced physics and graphics on selected titles as well as play in native-4k resolutions. More than 2000 titles are available for console with backwards compatibility available for titles from Xbox 360 and the original Xbox.

PlayStation 4: Impressive Hardware Power and Exclusives

Sony launched their 4th generation console to compete with One with PS4 hitting shelves in 2013. 1600 titles are available to play with around 100 of these being exclusive to their platform. Sony offers PS4 in two versions with regular one being complemented by PS4 Pro which has additional processing power, more graphics and has the capacity to play games in 4K. PS4 has some impressive exclusives.

Gaming PCs and Laptops

Gaming laptop or Gaming PC is a great options for all kind o gamers. It is the oftentimes cheapest way to play games as you can use laptop or computer that you have already bought which stands true if you have Linux or Mac devices. It also presents greatest level of flexibility for someone looking to build a powerful PC.

Types of Gamers

  • Casual Gamer:  these are kind of gamers that plays once in a blue moon. The first choice for a casual gamer is the Nintendo Switch. It has diverse fun titles that can be enjoyed by several players. It has the cheapest play available.
  • Mainstream Gamer: These are gamers who want big titles such as Fortnite, FIFA and Call of Duty with friends. Xbox One S and PS4 Slim is the best choice. The price of online subscription is virtually the same.
  • Hardcore Gamer; If you are looking to venture into serious gaming, the platform that you take is dependent on the price. If you need to go for less power than PC, PS4 Pro or Xbox One is your best choice. It has enough power to play the latest games in top quality without braking the bank. Go for PS4 I you plan to play in Virtual reality with Playstation VR headset.

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