Two-Way Window Intercom System for Counter (RL-9909) in Nairobi Kenya at discounted prices

Two-Way Window Intercom System for Counter (RL-9909)

Window intercom us used in bank window (substation outside and master station inside). One person is coming to the bank window for business and during his conduction, the staff need to speak privately with colleague, the staff can press the key on the master station to mute it so that the substation would not broadcast and that the customer will not hear the private dialogue.

RL-9909 provides a dual way communication, dual way audio, anti-interruption and noice, Slim fit design of the speaker and an input voltage of 110-240V


  • Highg quality: This system has top-quality speaker and high-sensitive microphone. Especiall the metal tube microphone is deal for the counter and the dual-way inter-communication
  • Streamline design: The main unit has aluminum alloy shell, and the extension has built-in speaker.This system has simple connection for DIY operation
  • Good performance: The voice from this system is clear,and natural. There is a switch ony for the volume control
  • Definite instruction: The indicating lamp shows the track’s working status
  • Advance technique: For this system,we adopter the advanced microcomputer from U.S
  • Simple operation I: Easy for dual-way intercommunication without pressing button
  • Simple operation III: You could record the voice through record jack
  • Simple operation II: This system haw two knobs to adjust the inside and outside volume. When the indicating lamp for audio turns green,the intercommnication could begin
  • Best Choice: It suitable for the Bank, Securities Company , Hospital, Station where the security glazing is installed.

Package Includes:         

  • 1 x Dual-way counter interphone
  • 1 x External speaker
  • 1 x Charger (US/UK/EU/AU, send according to your country)
  • 1 x English User Manual