Panasonic PBX Dealers in Kenya

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Why Panasonic PBX Phone Systems

Panasonic gives you freedom to choose the way your communication grows since it provides such a diverse range of communication and PABX phone system for several offices and business application. From simple analog system to advanced IP based systems capable of handling several locations locally and abroad. Panasonic system supports mobile communications for the staff so that they can keep in touch when at work. With the inbuilt reliability, our business phone system deliver best Total cost of ownership in the industry.

Systems for every Company

Not all the businesses are the same. Panasonic has an inbuilt flexibility. The range includes analogue systems, we supply Hybrid phone suystems or IP phone systems which are very simple to setup. With Panasonic, analogue is still advanced since it has a flexible and efficient call management for your business at the same time allowing you to expand in the future. IP Hybrid systems gives feature rich functionality and offer the best. Panasonic gives you flexibility and freedom of an extensive range of wireless and wired communication systems.

PBX systems for any industry

From administration to sales, health, education to hospitality, Panasonic are suitable for all industry sectors. With enhanced and accurate routing options and powerful adaptable features, Brightsource Kenya can provide everything you need to maintain current contacts.