Panasonic pabx distributor in Kenya

Telephone system has a crucial role in the business infrastructure; it helps business to accomplish the desired communication goals. Panasonic PBX systems is a good choice to your business in Kenya if you are planning to empower your communication set up. An experienced Panasonic PABX distributor in Kenya can help you get the suitable systems done for you. Panasonic comes with the advanced IP based PABX systems for the varied communication requirements. The systems are widely accepted across industries including the Supermarkets, Healthcare, hospitality and many more.

It is important to understand some of the benefits.

  • As the communication happens through the internet, it helps you to save lot on business calls.
  • Allows you to have a flexible communication.
  • Advanced calling features makes your communication effective
  • converged voice and data
  • Can connect with remote and mobile employees.
  • Easy integration with CRM software and other applications.

Get the systems from leading IP telephony provider in Kenya

Mastered in implementing advanced solutions with the Panasonic telephone systems in Kenya, we are adept at planning, designing and installing telephone systems to industries across Nairobi.  We are also the foremost Panasonic PBX distributor in Kenya.

The Panasonic IP-PBX series comprise the models, KX-NSX2000/KX-NSX1000. With the advanced features and calling options, the KX-NSX series is considered to be the next generation Panasonic telephone systems that is designed to achieve the client’s communication requirements.

Panasonic smart hybrid IP-PBX systems include KX-NS700, KX-NS500 and KX-NS300. The Panasonic hybrid IP-PBX comprises of KX-NCP/TDE series and KX-TDA Series. The systems have been designed to meet the medium large business communication purposes. The other advanced options include mobile linking, integrated email and voice mail, call processing features, telephony features integrated, messaging etc… it also support varied extensions and analogue trunks.

Certainly the solutions with Panasonic systems would be of great advantage in terms of productivity and profitability. The solutions we provide with the Panasonic IP PBX systems will prepare you to reach higher stages and will make your business more dynamic and active.

  1. Panasonic KX-T7665 – Digital Proprietary Phone
  2. Panasonic KX-TS7703X Phone
  3. Panasonic KX-TDA100D Hybrid IP-PBX System with 8 Analog Trunk/CO,
  4. Panasonic KX-TE82474X
  5. Panasonic KX-TEM824
  6. Hybrid IP Panasonic NS500 PBX + 20 IP Phones package
  7. Panasonic KX-HDV-230
  8. Panasonic Hybrid/IP PBX System KX-HTS32 No License Required Solution
  9. Panasonic KX-TES824 – Hybrid PBX System Solution
  10. Panasonic PBX TES 824(6CO Lines 16 Extensions) + 16 Analogue phone TS 500 Package
  11. Panasonic Hybrid/IP PBX System KX-HTS32 No License Required
  12. Panasonic KX-T7730 Telephone