Panasonic cordless phones

Panasonic cordless phones

Panasonic cordless phones have an excellent sound quality since it includes standard error-correction system. It also include blocking features to block nuisance members.

Panasonic DECT Phone

The transition from analog to IP phone is a challenging phenomenon. Whatever the case, communication is needed in the workplace which needs to be reliable, scalable and cost effective. If you are in search of a viable wireless phone system, the best solution is DECT technology. There are various advantages of DECT phones.

  • No compromise on voice quality, security and Availability
  • Ability to use your converged network
  • Save on Branch office costs
  • Extend VOIP to the wireless world

Panasonic DECT phone Kenya

Panasonic cordless phone solutions might be you ideal answer to keep your concerns at bay. There are various levels of wireless solution based on DECT wireless technology. The Panasonic DECT sets your enterprise in a progressive track and reduce the cost of ownership and in the long run enhances customer services.

Panasonic DECT phones makes it easy for you:

  • Cost saving Solution
  • Fully expandable
  • Easy to manage
  • Quality Solution
  • Power of use

The Panasonic DECT phone systems is recognized for its advanced features:

  • Audio quality: No compromise on voice quality. Ensures that your message is understood clearly with the high HD Voice Quality.
  • Simple Configuration: The Panasonic SIP-enabled phones delivers a flexible installation
  • Compatibility: it is compatible with well-known software like the Asterisk, Broadsoft etc…
  • Easy maintenance: Can be carried out remotely over any networked PC
  • Improved RF performance: Enhances the voice quality in weak reception areas.
  • Platform independent: it can work with any SIP-compliant service

Why Brightsource Kenya Panasonic Cordless Phones

Our solutions are aimed to be flexible and scalable. You can get in touch with us for your Panasonic PBX needs. We deal with all types of VoIP solutions across Kenya. We provide tailored solutions that are exceptional with trusted IP telephony, conferencing systems, DECT phones and more. You can check other models at our shop like Yealink Dect Phones

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