Manually Provisioning a Yealink Phone with Phone’s Web GUI

To manually provision your Yealink phone using the phone’s web GUI, press OK on the phone and then scroll down to select More. Learn full steps here.


To manually provision your Yealink phone using the phone’s web GUI.

Applies To

  • Yealink Phones


Before You Begin! These steps are generally intended for reusing Yealink phones with 8×8 service. You can reuse existing Yealink phones with 8×8 service as long as they are a supported model with a valid factory-installed device certificate. It’s crucial that Yealink certificates are factory-installed and not added later. 8×8 supports only the Yealink phone models listed here. If you are not sure which model phone you have, please check the underside of the phone. The model number is listed on the label on the bottom of the phone. Accommodation of devices not purchased from or originally provisioned for service by 8×8 is on a commercially reasonable effort basis. These devices are not guaranteed to be supported on 8×8 service.

Check for Device Certificate

In order to work with 8×8 phone service, your Yealink phone must have a valid factory-installed security certificate, also known as a device certificate. Follow these steps to determine whether a valid factory-installed Device Certificate is present on your phone.

  1. On the phone, press OK.
  2. Scroll down and select More.
  3. Select Phone.
  4. Scroll down to Device Certificate.
  5. Read the displayed message.
    • If the message says Device Certificate: Factory Installed, your phone is supported on 8×8 service.
    • If the message says Device Certificate: Not InstalledDevice Certificate: Invalid, or if there is no device certificate message at all, then the phone is not supported on 8×8 service.

Configure the Phone

After checking the device certificate, you can move on to configuring the phone.

Reset Phone to Factory Defaults Through the Phone’s Web GUI

The device web interface (GUI) allows you make changes to the phone’s settings via a web browser on your computer, which can often be more convenient than on the phone screen itself. You must ensure that:

  • The phone is plugged into the network.
  • The computer is on the same network as the phone.
  1. Locate the phone’s IP address by going to Menu > Status > IPv4 on the phone.
  2. In a web browser on a computer on the same network as the phone, browse to the phone’s IP address.
  3. Log in as admin and enter the phone’s MAC password.
  4. Navigate to Settings > Upgrade.
  5. Click Reset to Factory Setting.
  6. Wait for phone to reboot.
    • Note: After the phone has been reset to factory default settings, the administrator password will have changed to admin.

Manually Provision Phone into Production

  1. In a web browser on a computer on the same network as the phone, browse to the phone’s IP address.
  2. Log in as admin and enter the password admin.
  3. Navigate to Settings > Auto Provision.
    • For DECT phones: navigate to PhoneAuto Provision
  4. In the Server URL field, enter the 8×8 Yealink Provisioning Server address: https://ylcfg.8×
  5. Click Autoprovision Now.
  6. Allow several minutes for the phone to reboot and connect to the 8×8 servers. When rebooting is complete, continue on to activate your phone.