Kyocera TASKalfa Multi Functional Printer

Kyocera TASKalfa Multi Functional Printer in Kenya

The costs associated with Kyocera copies in Kenya ranges in price depending on the business goals and needs. While come of Kyocera Black and White Laser printers ranges from Ksh 30,000 to KSH 250,000, other Multifunction Color Copiers and Printers ranges from KSH 700,000 to 2,500,000

Kyocera printers have an overall reputation for being extremely reliable. When it comes to operating costs, Kyocera products have a unique advantage over the competition. As a baseline, however, five years seems to be a generally accepted average lifespan for a typical floor-standing copier used regularly, according to CR and photocopier manufacturer Falcon. At maximum, high-end copiers and floor-standing models that are not used often may last up to seven to 10 years.

KYOCERA Advantage

KYOCERA continually strives to raise the bar for excellence in both products and service:

  • Lower running costs
  • Award-winning ultra-reliability
  • Easy-to-use technology
  • Environmentally-friendly devices
  • Commitment to quality control
  • Unsurpassed performance
  • High standards of integrity

Productive Business Applications

When combined with KYOCERA’s HyPAS applications, your KYOCERA ECOSYS printers and MFPs give you the flexibility to manage job-specific tasks efficiently and securely. Customizable applications include Secure Print Release and AccessLock, and a host of other utilities.

Unique 5-Phase MDS Process results to reduced IT department workload, single source management and billing, and typically significant cost reductions.

In-house document consulting: KYOCERA has sales companies and channels in 136 countries, offering direct support and a comprehensive line up of hardware, software and expertise to optimize your document environment.

Longer life and less waste: Technology that is environmentally-friendly and highly economical technology is the foundation of KYOCERA’s unique printer line-up. Our award-winning ECOSYS technology also delivers exceptional reliability, superior output quality and ease of service.

Longer life: ECOSYS printers incorporate a durable imaging system based on KYOCERA’s patented Amorphous Silicon (ASi) and Organic Photoconductor (OPC) drums. They can handle hundreds of thousands of prints in their lifetime.

Less waste: In traditional laser printers, the drums are contained in the consumable cartridge and need to be replaced each time the toner runs out. By making them permanent components, KYOCERA greatly reduces the lifetime waste of ECOSYS printers – as well as cutting the cost of consumables.

Customization capabilities and In-house development

Device performance can be further improved with KYOCERA’s powerful software development platform, HyPAS (Hybrid Platform for Advanced Solutions). HyPAS delivers a broad range of options that enable your MFP to integrate with widely accepted software applications and operate in virtually any business environment.

Kyocera TASKalfa Multi Functional Printer is committed to providing business apps that seamlessly integrate with its award-winning printers and MFPs. Developed by Kyocera TASKalfa Multi Functional Printer or third-party solution providers, the apps allow you to optimize your hardware investment to suit your business needs today and tomorrow.

  • Maximize security, management, output and accounting capabilities
  • Enhance workplace productivity and efficiency
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