How to Set Up One Route with Thousands of PINs in Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX

Under certain circumstances like using PBX in Hotels and Prisons, you might need thousands of PINs in one route because these PINs are required to be updated for customers hourly or even much more frequent. This guide aims to explain how to set up one route with thousands of PINs in Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX.1). In this example, we create a PIN List named test2 with a random PIN 111. 

And then choose the PIN List in a specific outbound route which is route 208 in this case.

 2). Login the SSH of Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX as per this guide:


Input ( vi /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf ) and Enter.Please note that 208 in the [outrouter_208] depends on the route name, that is [outrouter_RouteName], on your side. Input ( /[outrouter_208] ) and Enter.Copy the content from [outrouter_208] to exten = h,1,Hangup, and paste it to notepad.

Change  same = n,Authenticate(/etc/asterisk/pin_test2.conf,a) to same = n,Authenticate(/ysdisk/support/tmp/1600PINs.conf,a) 3). Input ( cd /ysdisk/support/customcfg/ ) and Enter.Input ( vi extensions_custom.conf ) and Enter.

Click I and paste modified content of step 2: [outrouter_208]exten = _X.,1,YsWalkContext(blacklist-outbound,${EXTEN:},1,${CALLERID(num)},outbound) same = 2,Gotoif($[${APIDTMFFLAG}==1]?3:5) same = 3,UserEvent(DtmfEndString,Info: ${EXTEN}) same = 4,Set(APIDTMFFLAG=-1) same = n,Authenticate(/ysdisk/support/tmp/1600PINs.conf,a) same = n,Set(ORGINEXTEN=${EXTEN}) same = n,Set(ORGINROUTE=208) same = n,Set(ORGINCONTEXT=${IF($[${LEN(${ORGINCONTEXT})}>0]?${ORGINCONTEXT}:${CONTEXT})}) same = n,Set(MRMEMORYHUNT=no) same = n,GetNextOutRouter(208,${EXTEN}) same = n,Goto(a1) same = n,Gotoif($[${LEN(${NEXTROUTER})} > 0]?${NEXTROUTER},${ORGINEXTEN},1) same = n(o1),Hangup() same = n(a1),NoOp(NO ADJUST) same = n,Macro(trunkdial-failover-0.3,1,,${EXTEN:},trunk-208-endpoint,)exten = h,1,Hangup Click Esc and input ( :wq ).Click any change and then apply on S PBX web to take effect above custom configurations. 4). Open notepad++(download link: and please remember to enter the carriage return when filling in your customized PIN list.

Go to Edit>EOL Conversion>Unix(LF) in the notepad++ before saving these PINs.

Save the file by using 1600PINs.conf  as its file name. 5). Login the PBX FTP: And then copy the 1600PINs.conf file to the support/tmp.

 6). Now, the outbound 208 can handle with all PINs that you filled in the 1600PINs.conf.You could, of course, change the PINs by deleting the previous PIN list and paste a new one with the same file name 1600PINs.conf via FTP according to step 5. 7). Please make sure the DTMF for the IP Phones and extensions are the same. Test a few PINs of 1600PINs.conf  in a random mode and all of these PINs should work:)