hidden spy nanny cameras

hidden spy nanny cameras,Things to Consider Before You Buy a Nanny Cam

While there are plenty of hidden nanny cams on the market, we looked into the more conspicuous options.

Hidden nanny cams and spy cams can fall under hazy legal territory, so we feel it’s best to be open with your nanny or any in-home caretaker about your monitoring system.

This helps build a trusting relationship and makes better use of the camera itself.

For example, your babysitter can reach you through the nanny cam’s two-way audio when needed or help you find important clips in case of an emergency.

Hidden Nanny Cam Laws in Your State

Different rules apply to hidden and exposed nanny cams. Hidden nanny cams can be cleverly disguised in devices like alarm clocks and picture frames to monitor your nanny without their consent.


What is good picture quality for a nanny cam?
Picture resolution is simply a pixel count on your camera. Numbers like 1080p refer to the vertical lines of pixels lined up across your camera’s view.

Generally, the more pixels create a sharper picture, but this can change based on how closely you zoom or the size of the screen you watch a video on. Most smartphones screens are 1080p and up, so it’s best to find a nanny cam with a similar resolution for a clear picture.

How do nanny cams store memory?
It varies from camera to camera, but most nanny cams use a separate SD memory card or send videos to a cloud that you can access online. Both can be uploaded and shared to different devices.

Where can I hide my nanny cam?
Battery-powered nanny cams can hide almost anywhere. Spots like potted plants, bookshelves, stuffed animals, kitchen cabinets, and out in the open can all give you a good view of your home and anyone inside.

Nanny cameras powered by cables are more restricted because they need to stay plugged in to work. Cables can also give away your hiding spot if they aren’t concealed properly.

How can I use a hidden nanny cam legally?
All 50 states allow silent video recording within your own home. But we still think it’s best to tell your nanny that you’re recording.

If they consent to be filmed and recorded, you can use audio in addition to your video. You don’t have to tell them where you’ve hidden the hidden spy nanny cameras, but if you want audio, most states require their permission.

How We Picked the Best Nanny Cameras

For this review, we tested the Nest Cam, Blink, and Wyze Pan Cam in-house. For the most authentic experience, we set up each camera and proceeded with our day as usual.

When we got alerts from each camera, we used the apps to check the footage, speak through the cameras, and share footage.

We selected the other two cameras, the Arlo Baby and Swann Pan and Tilt, based on top user reviews and product specs that fit our standards for quality nanny cams. Learn more about how we test and research by reading our full methodology.