Giganet Cat 6 UTP/FTP CABLE in Kenya

Giganet offers end to end cabling solutions that are manufactured and designed by industry experts who have many years of knowledge and experience on infrastructure cabling solutions. Gigante brand has strict quality control and an installer in mind should ensure performance and ease of termination.

The giganet fiber and copper systems support full convergence in an ever demanding workplace. Giganet Kenya is best priced and exceeds international cabling standards.

Giganet Kenya provides a comprehensive range of cables, cabinets, patch codes and enclosures that can be used in the telecommunication and computer industry.  Giganet products are backed by warranty, support and training.

Giganet Cable shielding

Cable shielding acts as a barrier that protects the cable from external threats, such as electrical interference (EMI) and RFI (radio frequency interference). It also prevents cable signals from interfering with surrounding cables and equipment.

STP Cable

Shielded cables are used in areas such as factory floors with high concentration of equipment and secure communication applications. Shielded cable today is prevalent in diverse applications including education, healthcare and government.

When selecting Giganet shielded cable, you need to consider:

  • Flexibility
  • Shielding effectiveness
  • Ease of connecting

Once you know how important each of these things is to you, you’ll know which shielded cable type will work best.

There are many acronyms used to describe shielded cables, from STP to F/FTP; while many are often used synonymously, nearly all of them have different meanings


An overall foil shield (F) with unscreened twisted pairs (UTP)

    This cable is very much like common UTP cable, with the addition of foil underneath the main cable jacket. Another common name for this cable is “FTP.” F/UTP cables are common in 10GBaseT applications. They’re easier to terminate  but they aren’t quite as flexible because the foil tends to be stiffer.

Giganet F/UTP is used in high frequency applications that needs some flexibility.


An overall braid screen (S) with unscreened twisted pairs (UTP)

    This is occasionally referred to as an STP cable, but beware: There are other shielded cables among this list that may also claim this term. To be sure, always check to see whether your cable will have any kind of overall barrier and whether the individual pairs have their own shield.

Use S/UTP in low-frequency applications that require some cable flexibility and easy connectorization.


Both an overall braid screen (S) and foil shield (F) with unscreened twisted pairs (UTP)

    This cable is also occasionally referred to as an “STP cable.” Cables with an overall braided screen are very effective at preventing EMI from entering or exiting the cable.

  Use SF/UTP cable when you need protection from low- and high-frequency noise interference.


    An overall braid screen (S) with foil screened twisted pairs (FTP)

    The “shield” underneath the jacket is a braid, and each individual pair is surrounded by its own foil barrier. The purpose of the additional foil on individual pairs is to limit the amount of crosstalk between them. This type of cable can be harder to install because of the amount of metal that must be removed to install a connector. The braid and stranded conductors inside help maintain flexibility fairly well.

    Use S/FTP cable when you need protection from low- and high-frequency noise interference. It’s easy to install and is moderately flexible. All primaries are foiled.


An overall foil shield (F) with foil screened twisted pairs (FTP). Similar to F/UTP cables, these shielded cables are commonly used in 10GBaseT applications.

    Use F/FTP cable when you need high levels of shielding from high-frequency noise interference and aren’t worried about ease of installation (it offers little to no flexibility) or the time it takes to install connectors.


No overall shielding or braid (U) with foil screened twisted pairs (FTP). This type of shielded cable is commonly used in 10GBaseT applications as well. Use F/UTP in high-frequency applications that require some cable flexibility.

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