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Networking Cables Suppliers in Kenya

Brightsource Kenya Networking Cables Suppliers in Kenya will enable you to determine the cabling infrastructure. For instance, automotive or manufacturing plants need grade cables where the outer part is shielded from adverse weather conditions. In essence, we will assist you to understand your business environment and choose from a pool of cables. Cabling System: Cat […]

Siemon Dealers in Kenya

Brightsource is a stockist of Siemon products in Kenya. We work hand in hand with siemon distributors to bring you the best products. Our Products Ranges from Siemon Patchcord, Siemon patch panel, siemon cable manager/organizer, Siemon Fibre Tray, siemon fibre adapater, siemon patch panel etc. Siemon cat 6 Cable, Cat 6A cable, Siemon patch cord, […]

Giganet Cable, Cabinet, Patch cord, patch panels, patch down and managed switch

Giganet kenya Wondering where to buy Giganet cables products in Kenya. We at Brightsource Kenya stock all giganet products The Giganet products offer the best priced performance solutions that are globally sourced and manufactured to International quality standards. They include Network Infrastructure Cabling , Cabinets and Enlosures , Gigabit Web Smart Switches , Network Cameras […]

Smart UPS Kenya

Smart-UPS Kenya are trusted by millions of IT professionals throughout the world to protect equipment and critical data from costly interruptions by supplying reliable, network-grade power reliably and efficiently. Available in a variety of forms factors and classes (entry level, standard and extended run), there is a model for nearly every application and budget. Standard […]

Network and Server Cabinets Kenya

Server CabinetsServer Rack Cabinets such as the 42u Server Cabinet are generally nineteen inches wide by industry standards. This products is mostly used to install servers, UPS ES, monitors or similar equipment. Server rack cabinets, for the most part, are twenty four inches in width, and thirty six inches deep. Some companies offer other measurement […]

Fiber Optic Cable Your Best IT Wiring Solution

Fiber Optic Cable Your Best IT Wiring Solution Although copper has set the standard for mass communication in the corporate setting, fiber optic cable is replacing it with each new building construction or upgrade nationwide. Although fiber optic is a bit more expensive than copper, it has several distinct advantages that make it a better […]

Phone System for Office – PBX / PABX

Telephone system connects your office user telephone extensions to the Public Switched Telephone Network or Service Provider lines. Moreover, it allows internal communication for a business and shares a minimum number of telephone trunk lines between the users.Phones systems are available in different brands and two flavors. Traditional analog PABX telephone system and VoIP Telephone System. Traditional PABX […]