A2Z Africa is a comprehensive provider of cutting-edge technological solutions, catering to diverse needs across Kenya. With a robust portfolio spanning biometric access control, projection systems, telecommunications, networking, security, printing solutions, power infrastructure, and more, A2Z Africa stands as a one-stop destination for businesses seeking seamless integration of technology into their operations.

In the realm of security, A2Z Africa offers state-of-the-art biometric access control systems, ensuring secure and efficient entry management. Additionally, they provide surveillance solutions from renowned brands such as Dahua and Hikvision, encompassing both IP and analog systems for varied requirements. Electric fencing further bolsters perimeter security, offering a comprehensive approach to safeguarding assets.


For communication needs, A2Z Africa delivers reliable PBX systems, blending IP and analog capabilities to facilitate seamless internal and external communication. Their range includes reputable brands like Fanvil and Yealink, ensuring quality and reliability in voice communication.

Networking infrastructure

Networking infrastructure is a cornerstone of modern businesses, and A2Z Africa excels in this domain with offerings from TP-Link, D-Link, Cisco, Ubiquiti, MikroTik, and more. From routers and switches to fiber optics and accessories, they provide robust solutions tailored to diverse networking needs.

A2Z Africa also addresses the technological needs of retail businesses through point-of-sale systems, streamlining transactions and enhancing customer experiences. They offer a range of printers from industry-leading brands such as HP, Canon, and Brother, ensuring high-quality printing solutions for various applications.


Power infrastructure is another forte of A2Z Africa, with offerings including APC UPS systems, Mecer inverters, and solutions from Lightwave and Tech-Chom, ensuring uninterrupted power supply to critical systems.

In the realm of projection and display technology, A2Z Africa provides projectors and projection screens from Epson, enhancing presentations and visual experiences in various settings.

Their diverse portfolio also encompasses laptops and desktops from reputable brands, ensuring reliable computing solutions for businesses and individuals. Accessories from Promate, Logitech, and Oraimo complement these offerings, providing a holistic computing experience.

With a commitment to excellence and a comprehensive range of solutions, A2Z Africa is poised to meet the evolving technological needs of businesses across Kenya, driving efficiency, security, and innovation.

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