Desktop phones with sim-card slots in Kenya

Desktop phones with sim-card slots in Kenya. With advancement in technology, many changes have been brought about by the innovative IP PBX system. However, at Brightsource Kenya GSM desktop phone dealers, we bring you GSM desktop phones or fixed wireless phones that allows you to work conveniently at home or office setup in Kenya. These phones offers an ideal flexibility that is a key requirement.

In traditional, if you want your office connected to a telephone line, you need to look for a telecommunication company to set up and therefore took a lot of time to get approved which means that wiring took a little while.

GSM desktop phones have come to replace traditional landline telephone. With a registered SIM card whether telecom, fiber, safaricom or Airtel, you can make or receive calls wherever you are. There is no serious technicalities involved in installation.

GSM desk phones work across all GSM network brands. The deskphone thus will function in remote areas while operating on 2G and 3G network

Basic GSM deskphone Features

Easy Installation


Extremely affordable

Value add accessories

Caller ID display from an LCD screen

Internal Phone book

From GSM Desktop Phone to VoIP Phone System

GSM desktop is a telephone solution designed for startup companies looking to cut business launching costs. With such setup, there will be no installation costs incurred.

Some of our GSM desktop Phones includes but not limited to

  1. GSM fixed landline wireless Desktop phone ( Single sim ) ETS 6588
  2. Huawei 6188 sim card gsm desktop phone/gsm landline phone
  3. Topsonic s100 Home/Office Wireless Desktop GSM Phone with Dual Sim

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