5 Tips to Choose the Best IP Camera

Generally speaking, we need security in the public because of the chaning society environment. Although it is not friendly to our personal information, it is necessary. Besides, we also need security at home, and we want to know who is outside of your door at night. So, we need video surveilliance, and, IP cameras are the one of the most important devices.

What is an IP camera? How to choose an good IP camera?

In this post, I will introduce. Let’s begin.

What is an IP camera?

history of the Video surveillance system

IP network camera is a digital device based on network transmission. In addition to the ordinary composite video signal output interface BNC (the general analog output is used for debugging and does not represent its own effect), there is a network output interface that can directly Connect to the local area network.

It can be used for video transmission and security prevention in TV conferences, residential quarters, banks, coal mine production, test sites and other occasions. However, since people have been using analog cameras for a long time, they have formed a preconceived prejudice against network cameras. In order to fully understand this booming new thing, I need to make a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of its basic principles, advantages and disadvantages, and problems in development and application.

A typical IP network camera that supports the IP protocol includes a lens, a filter, an embedded image sensor, an image digitizer, an image compressor, and a server with only network connectivity.

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5 Tips to Choose the Best IP Camera

We can roughly judge the pros and cons of IP cameras through the following five points:

  1. Clarity test

You can easily judge the definition of high-definition cameras through ordinary video image sharpness (number of lines) test cards. This method can directly distinguish the sharpness of the image with the naked eye. Generally speaking, the high-definition 720P camera test card index can clearly distinguish the TV line larger than 800TVL, and the poor high-definition camera will have a lower index and the image There are jitters or burrs.

  1. Dynamic range test

You can easily determine the grayscale data of high-definition images by using a common video image grayscale test card.

  1. Color reproduction

Use the color test card or the naked eye to judge the color reproduction of the high-definition video image. The resolution of a good HD IP camera is very high, and it can almost achieve a very realistic reduction effect.

  1. Signal to noise ratio

The suppression of noise in the same picture is also one of the important indicators to measure the performance of HD IP cameras. For the bright processing of dark blocks in the picture and noise suppression directly determine the quality of the image, there are many low-end cameras that can only output a clearer picture under the ideal state of more than 100 Lux, and the ability to adapt to changes in light environment Very poor, there is no effective means for noise suppression in strong light or low light environments, and image quality cannot be guaranteed. In this case, high-definition images are meaningless and we call them pseudo-HD.

  1. Image coding compression algorithm

The good and bad encoding and compression algorithms of IP high-definition cameras are also one of the important indicators that directly affect the performance of the cameras. The encoding and compression processing chips for high-definition camera video images on the market are divided into DSP carriers and ASIC chips. Each has its own advantages, DSP chip functions are relatively flexible, and the development cycle is short, but the coding efficiency is low and the cost is high. ASIC chip function application is relatively fixed, the development cycle is long, but the coding efficiency is very high, and the cost is low after large-scale use. No matter what kind of carrier, a good video encoding and compression algorithm is needed. A good algorithm can reduce the video code stream and storage capacity as much as possible while ensuring the image quality and clarity. Poor IP high-definition cameras tend to produce mosaics or water ripples under large movements, which directly affect video image quality.

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What are the Well-known brands on the market?

As a important category of video surveilliance, there are many brands on the market, but we need to choose the items with good quality and good price. Here is the lists of the brands, you can read for reference.

  1. Hikvision

Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is the world’s largest supplier of video surveillance products. It provides you network cameras, analog cameras, PTZ, network video recorders, digital video recorders and others.

  1. Swann

Swann is an Australian based company that grew from being a basement operated company to selling products around the world. They offer a variety of security products to help secure homes and businesses. From basic systems that only have two cameras and limited features to advanced systems with NVR and large amounts of cameras, Swann does it all. They even make wireless security camera options.

  1. Aiming

Aiming to bring both security and value to homes Lorex offers a wide variety of products. From plug and play to more advanced cameras systems, they have plenty of options. They have a variety of wireless security camera systems that can send data up to 500 feet. Camera options are also available in 4K quality.

  1. Logitech

Logitech is another one of those companies that produces a wide variety of products. More than likely you have already heard their name before. For a while the company has been in the webcam and home camera business. Now they have a good selection of security camera systems available.

  1. Dahua

Dahua is a technology company that specializes in the surveillance industry. They have a wide range of products with competitive features. Also offered by Dahua is a five-year warrant that will rival many companies in the business. Their wide selection helps to back that up.

  1. Uniview

Uniview is also known as Unv and they are a leading Chinese company for surveillance technology. Company statistics for Uniview point to it being a strong company that will continue to lead the quality camera industry in China. Their cameras are highly focused on IP camera solutions that will work for both businesses and homeowners alike.

For more brands, you can read this list: List of CCTV Security Camera Brands

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